Digital Media & Social Content Creation

Original content production, made with passion.

Redwood Media is a digital media production company, specializing in original content creation across social media platforms. We inspire audiences through original social content, via our clients, partners, and our own homegrown original media brands.

Currently headquartered in Bristol, United Kingdom, we operate globally knowing how to deliver the right content for the right audience. Our network is ever-evolving, generating millions of views every single month while keeping engaged and active with the latest social trends online. 

What We Do

We’re always being creative, while working on exciting projects!

Original Content

Producing content is our passion! Expressing ourselves creatively leads to fantastic projects being created. We design original content for a variety of social media platforms to inspire audiences.


Engaging with social media audiences through our network of brands is a mission we're always on. Whether it be delivering the latest pop-culture news, or keeping relevant audiences updated, we're always online.


Connecting brands to reach new online audiences is our goal via Influencer Marketing. Whether it be with our own In-house brands, or via those we support, we'll find the right one for you.

Who We've Worked With

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